Right Click using Your keyboard Windows or Mac Os

July 29, 2009

Tips & Tricks


DSC00874 Have you ever needed to Right Click on an icon in Windows or on your Mac but your mouse stopped responding, or you are using the mighty mouse in the mac without a right click?.

The following quick tip will show you how to right click in Windows or the Mac using the keyboard.



Windows Right Click using keyboard (No Mouse)

In Windows using your keyboard use the TAB and arrow keys to highlight the icon or file you want to right click on. Once you have the file or icon highlighted press and hold down the SHIFT key and while you press the SHIFT key, press the F10 key and it will bring up the right click menu.

If you are new to Windows here are more keyboard combination shortcuts for your Windows Machine: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/126449


Mac Right Click using keyboard (You need a mouse)

On your Mac to bring up the right click menu simply press and hold down the CTRL key and click the mouse button and it will bring up the menu. On the Mac you have to use the mouse button in conjunction with the keyboard to get the right click since there is no way to do it just with the keyboard.

If you are new to the Mac here are more keyboard combination shortcuts for your Mac: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1343

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